Each wedding is a new challenge constantly renewed.
My goal is to tell and share your story with a real, personal and unique point of view.
We will make a great team ...
If you value vibes and natural interaction ...
If you like the documentary imprint ...
If you are looking for someone to tell your story with images that reflect how you really felt that day ...
If you like to break with certain traditions that don´t represent you ...

Not only am I going to show up on the wedding day directly with my camera, I want to be something else for you. I believe that there may be a story behind each image and I am not interested in capturing every minute of every single detail of the event. I want to document those that tell much more: to remind you of how you felt at that moment.

To ensure a more artistic and unique work, I need to have your vote of confidence and a space for creativity which will pave the way for the magic to happen. It is very difficult if we have to follow a “strict list of rules”.


All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

It’s about trust and connection.

I am not going to propose weird poses and artificially smile for the camera, if you are looking for a photographer who imposes old cliché images or if you want to get a wedding video just like your friend’s, then we may not be your best choice.

I am going to document the small and big gestures, the real things, the unexpected, the laughter and not an unreal and false version of who you are. Whatever your story is, it deserves to be told accurately and remembered for decades. It will be your little legacy.



Do you want to meet part of our team and collaborators?


How long is the video?

It is difficult to say how long the video will be if we haven´t shot your wedding yet and we don´t know what it´s going to happen. I am in favor of the phrase "quality over quantity". I like to make films that entertain from start to finish, a video where each image visually impacts and contributes content to the story. Do not hesitate to ask me for a complete film so that you can learn more about our style and see if we make a good fit.

We are nervous about portraits, we don't know what to do ...

We know that most people are not model or actors and are not used to getting married. This moment is what we enjoy capturing the most, where we have the chance to unleash creativity and create something unique for you. I recommend that you always take some time to create these images. I am sure that over time you will value them a lot. And of course, we will guide you to interact, feel comfortable, and thus arise the natural reactions that we seek to record. The rest of the day will be documentary.

Can we choose the music?

We accept suggestions but music is one more element in the artistic construction of the film. It is a very important resource that must be in relation to the tone and mood of the story. If you trust us to document and tell the story from our perspective and point of view, we would also like you to trust and confide in the music we feel adequate and right for the final outcome of the video of your bid day.

How many pictures will i receive?

We deliver enough photos to tell the story of your big day. We also don´t like to be conditioned to a number of photo because we really care more about the quality over the quantity. The photos are delivered edited with proper color and contrast, in high resolution, without any type of watermark.